Self Serve Dog Wash

Self-Serve Dog Wash Station in Pennsauken NJ

Route 130 Car Wash in Pennsauken, NJ a convenient place to wash your dog without having to take any extra time of our your day. While your car is being washed at our car wash, walk your pup over to our sanitized self-serve dog wash station! We believe convenience is necessary when it comes to giving your dog a bath. Our self-serve dog wash station is very easy -to-use with an on-site staff available to help if you’re having any trouble. No reservations needed, just walk in and the station is ready to use! Available on a first come, first served basis during normal business hours.

Indoor Dog Wash Station

Our cost-effective dog wash station is a quick and affordable way to keep your dog clean without the hassle of an at-home wash. No more messy bathrooms, hurting your back bending over the cramped tub, or chasing your dog around the yard. Our climate-controlled dog bathing room allows for easy in-and-out tub access. No more harsh back bending and no more running after your dog during bath time. In 10 minutes or less your pup will be shampooed, conditioned, deodorized and dried! Choose between regular shampoo or use the flea & tick shampoo during the warmer months.

Self-Serve Dog Wash

The Route 130 Car Wash self-serve dog wash stations are very easy to use with step-by-step instructions on display. No need to bring anything except your pup. You have access to everything you need to get your dog squeaky clean! Our station is equipped with two different shampoos, conditioner, deodorizer, disinfectant and a gently, yet effective heated blow dryer. Of course, if you prefer your own supplies you are more than welcome to do so. Once your pup is squeaky clean and dry, pack up your own personal belongings and we’ll take care of the rest. Our on-site staff clean, disinfect and sanitize the bathing area after each use. Your clean dog will jump into your clean car and you’ll be on your way!

Route 130 Car Wash offers a wide variety of options for car owners to achieve a pristine & clean vehicle. For those of you looking to maintain your clean car, join our Unlimited Car Wash Program. Experience the benefits for a low monthly fee! Besides our DIY dog wash station, we also offer a 24-hour soft touch automatic car wash, 24/7 self-service bays and 24-hour vacuum stations! The dog washing station is only open during normal business hours. For more information on our services and car wash packages browse through our website. For more car wash options, visit our 2nd location in Voorhees, NJ.