24 Hour Soft Touch Automatic Car Wash

24 Hour Automatic Car Wash in Pennsauken NJ

For fast and easy service, try Route 130 Car Wash’s soft touch 24 hour automatic car wash option. In three minutes or less, you’ll be in and out of the bay with a sparkling clean car! Perfect for a quick car wash on your way to pick up a first date or on your work lunch break. Route 130 Car Wash is located in Pennsauken, NJ on Southbound Rt. 130. We’ve been independent and locally owned in the same location for over 10 years. Pennsauken residents can rely on us when their car is in desperate need of a wash and deep clean. Both our soft touch automatic car wash and self-serve car wash bays are available for use 24/7.

Soft Touch Auto Wash Services

Route 130 Car Wash offers several different soft touch automatic car wash options to achieve a variety of levels of clean. Our basic car wash includes a pre-soak, spot free rinse, high pressure rinse and high velocity dryer. Upgraded packages can include under carriage wash, clear coat protectant, wheel/rocker panel blaster, tri-color polish, double pass pre-soak and more. Choose your package based on how clean you’d like your vehicle or how much time you’d like to spend going through the wash. For the interior of your car, we also offer vending machines featuring car cleaning accessories including air fresheners, dashboard wipes, odor eliminator sprays and much more.

Soft Touch Automatic Car Wash

Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, our automatic wash system measures the distance of your vehicle and follows the exact contour offering a custom, soft touch car wash experience. Overhead and side spray arms use a gentle, yet high-pressure water system to remove even the most stuck on dirt and debris. Remove dirt and grime effectively without the friction of cloths or brushes! Our modern system directs you through the bay with voice guidance to ensure your car wash is quick and effective. No direct contact with your vehicle means even high-end car owners can enjoy the ease of an auto car wash without worrying about damage to your car’s surface.

Route 130 Car Wash offers a wide variety of options for car owners to achieve a pristine & clean vehicle. Besides our 24-hour soft touch auto wash, we also offer 24/7 self-service bays, 24-hour vacuum stations and an indoor DIY dog wash station! The dog washing station is only open during normal business hours. For more information on our services and car wash packages browse through our website, or visit the website of our 2nd location in Voorhees, NJ.